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Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 — new tests

Posted in browsers by sharovatov on 25 December 2008

Finally I had some time to test Internet Explorer 8 beta 2, so first of all I ran all the test I had previously done to check if bugs were fixed.

Here’s the list:

  • applying :first-child selector to dynamically added element still doesn’t work, see the testcase. When you click on “Add first child” button, a new paragraph is added which then becomes the actual first-child of the parent div and only this new paragraph should apply CSS rules defined for the corresponding :first-child selector. In IE8b2 new element gets the CSS applied, but the element that previously was first-child doesn’t lose CSS as if it still was the first child (see IE8b2 screenshot and Google Chrome screenshot).
  • :last-child is still not supported. Of course, it’s CSS3, but it would be really handy to have this supported and most browsers already support :last-child. See testcase.
  • Now about bugs that I blogged about here and here:
    1. position: relative for the generated content rulefixed — now the testcase doesn’t kill the tab where it’s been opened.
    2. generated content is created after window.onloadfixed — now all the generated content is created right at the stage of applying CSS rules which can be clearly seen here.
    3. content: attr(class) showing nullfixed — now IE8b2 correctly shows the value of class attribute. content: attr(className) results as an empty string, right as it’s defined in the CSS spec for non-existing attributes. Here’s the testcase.
    4. expressions don’t work in generated contentexpressions don’t work in standards compliancy mode any more at all, so this bug is outdated
    5. text-transform doesn’t work for generated contentfixed — see testcase.
    6. text-indent doesn’t work for generated contentfixed — see testcase.

    So I was really convinced by IE8b1 tests that some hidden javascript code was used to support generated content, but now I’m absolutely sure that IE8b2 has decent native support for generated content and attribute selectors! Plus all the text-transform, text-align, text-indent issues are now fixed!

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