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designMode and Firefox

Posted in browsers, Firefox, javascript, wysiwyg by sharovatov on 13 April 2009

Another weird bug reported back in 2004 and unfortunately still not resolved – bug 232791, marked as a dup for bug 474255 (testcase here – if you click on the editable window, neither delete nor backspace button works, and if you add a character, it springs back to life). When you work with wysiwyg editor in Firefox (MIDAS), and programmatically add a text node to the end of the editable document, Firefox creates a dumb BR node of type _moz with _moz_editor_bogus_node attribute.

Yuh-Ruey Chen proposed a workaround – you set designMode to off and then back to on and it works, and this approach is used in YUI library (see ticket 1946017).

The weird thing I noticed now in FF 3.0.8 is that while the bug is still not fixed, the bogus BR node is not visible through Firebug for some reason! And that’s strange – node’s invisible, but still there.

However, workaround still works so nothing to worry about, just interesting.

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Windows Live

Posted in windows live writer by sharovatov on 13 April 2009

I’ve just updated Windows Live Messenger to version 2009. It also offered to install other Windows Live tools, which I did. And you know what – Windows Live Writer rocks! Before I was using Microsoft Office 2007 Word for writing and publishing blogposts and it was doing it job, but now I’ve got a lightweight and really easy-to-use tool to manage my blog. And it’s free so I can install it on my laptop (which has got only Outlook 2007 on it). It can save any post as a draft, edit it later, it’s got live preview tool (which works amazingly fast), you can either work with wysiwyg or with plain html code – and I bet this is the cleanest wysiwyg I’ve ever seen. I really mean it – it generates absolutely clean HTML, and it uses my blog visual theme!

And the configuration process was great as well – I just entered my blog url, username and password, it fetched the theme information and that’s all – I’m writing, previewing and publishing posts!

So, the key features of Windows Live Writer (for me) are:

  1. it’s kerfuffle-free:
    1. it works fine with my wordpress blog
    2. wysiwyg generates really clean code so I don’t have to edit the code manually after I finished writing the blogpost
    3. it’s got good spellchecking mechanism
    4. it has a nice twitter plugin that puts a twit with a link to the new blogpost
    5. it contains most often used photo editing functions – so I don’t need to install anything else on my netbook to post to my blog when I’m travelling.
    6. it automatically fetches all the categories from the blog – you just need to set them, plus you can add categories if you want
    7. it can save drafts both to local storage and to the blog – so if I’m writing a huge blogpost, I can proceed editing it when I’m travelling or finish it at home.
  2. it’s lightweight and really fast
  3. it’s completely free
  4. and it’s got plugin architecture so we’ll see more interesting stuff coming!

Good stuff, Live Team, thanks!

P.S. for more information, read this blogpost.

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April news

Posted in no category by sharovatov on 13 April 2009

I’m starting blogging actively – every day I will spend hour or more on my blog. Hope it’ll be interesting :)

This Saturday I came back from Sun Tech Days ‘09 Saint Petersburg. Good organization but awful technical side (to me) – no interesting lectures, no interesting technologies.

Sun’s in the deep trouble – IBM’s not buying them, nobody wants to invest, more and more employees are fired, and even Monty left them in February.

Mysql – they’re still trying to catch up with major DBs. Finally 5.1 release, the main thing they were spending time on was fixing bugs in 5.0. Hope Mysql’s not dying.

NetBeans 6.5 – really interesting IDE for java and all related stuff. Went to hands-on lab and was really impressed. I’ll spend some time on playing with it later.

OpenSolaris – never used it as a server OS, but when I asked Sun engineers if it’s going to work on my MSI Wind U100 laptop – they said that the core would certainly work, but they weren’t sure about wi-fi, ethernet controller, webcam, bluetooth, cardreader and sound. Sigh. OpenSolaris on the desktop? I don’t have time to waste, sorry.

JavaFX mobile – impressive! I had a feeling that I didn’t know what capabilities my cellphone had! That’s something to look at in the future.

Sun terminal thin client stations – weird technology – it’s got no CPU/HDD, but just Ethernet controller, Video card and Javacard reader. So basically it takes video stream from the network and displays it on the 19” LCD screen. The cost without the display is $349 in USA. I don’t think this Sun thin client has any advantages over other thin clients, but it has serious drawback – vendor lock-in. With normal thin client (that has CPU/memory/some storage) you can choose any terminal server implementation – be it either Window Terminal Server, Sun, or X Server. And giving that price of this Sun thin client is the same with a desktop PC based on mini-ITX chipset (the one with integrated Intel Atom 330) – what’s the point of having a thin terminal that can only be plugged in to Sun server when for the same price you can have full-blown office desktop (and if you need thin clients, you’ll save even more as you won’t need HDDs for your mini-ITX machines)?

Making a conclusion – the conference was great – not because the information was really interesting or I found out something new – no, just because it made me think about what I know and how I can apply my knowledge and experience to real life and business needs of the company where I work.

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