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Microsoft Exchange 2010

Posted in no category by sharovatov on 15 April 2009

Wow, I’m now listening to the web-conference about Microsoft Exchange 2010 Beta, and it seems that it’s going to be cool!

Useful links:

  1. official documentation
  2. download link
  3. official Microsoft Exchange 2010 page
  4. new Exchange Core Store Functionality

Interesting facts:

  • no more storage groups – databases are now just files which as far as I understand can be easily transferred to another server. I think, Exchange will soon start using MS SQL Server as a storage engine.
  • it’s highly integrated with Powershell
  • Exchange 2010 will have a way to migrate certain mailboxes to a cloud!!! That’s just SO WAY interesting! It means that you can have some mailboxes in your storage. Say, if you’re concerned about security and want your sales mailbox to be stored locally, while you don’t care if your employees’ mailboxes are located somewhere in the cloud – so you save storage space and don’t have to have a serious big server. Another interesting usecase is server maintenance – you can temporarily move your mailboxes to a cloud and then move it back! Really really interesting technology!
  • Outlook Web Access will now be called Outlook Live – I bet there’s going to be a whole new layer of integration of Microsoft products!
  • Exchange Web-Access (Outlook Live) has been rebuilt and now works fine in Firefox – Microsoft spent time on fixing Web-Access work in IE,FF and Safari.
  • Exchange Web Access (Outlook Live) now has Favourites – similar as what we have in Outlook
  • Exchange Web Access (Outlook Live) will have multilingual spellchecking!
  • You can create mailboxes and change user details right from the Exchange Web Access (Outlook Live)!

I’ve found an interesting blog about Exchange 2010, hope Gary Cooper will continue posting on the topic!

I will update this post with new information :)



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