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Synchronize posts drafts between laptop and home PC? Easy to do with Windows Live Sync!

Posted in windows live sync by sharovatov on 15 April 2009

Sometimes I write really big blogposts (for example, I’m still not finished with translating my old blogpost about HTTP caching from Russian) so I save them as local drafts in Windows Live Writer (earlier as docx-files in Microsoft Word 2007). When I go mobile, I have to copy all the drafts and recent posts to my laptop; and if I edit them there – I have to copy drafts back to work PC when I come back home.

I knew there were tools to help me in synchronizing directories, but only today I had time to try Windows Live Sync (formerly called Windows Live Foldershare).

Basically it’s just a free tool to synchronize folders on any number of machines sharing the same Windows Live ID. But it’s damn easy to use!

All I had to do was:

  1. Install Windows Live Sync on both work PC and my laptop
  2. Signed in to Windows Live Sync website using my Windows Live ID on my work PC and on my laptop
  3. Created Personal Folder pointing to My DocumentsMy Weblog Posts directory (that’s the place where Windows Live Writer saves drafts and recent posts)
  4. Clicked to add my laptop to a list of devices that will get synchronized, selected My DocumentsMy Weblog Posts folder there

And that’s it, both folders were successfully synchronized.

Now I have most recent versions of my drafts and recent posts on both work PC and my laptop. Thanks, WindowsLiveSync Team :)


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