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Windows Live Messenger adds removal

Posted in windows live messenger by sharovatov on 16 April 2009

If you use Windows Live Messenger 2009 and you don’t want to watch adds – there’re two simple ways to disable them:

  1. add to a list of Restricted Sites in your Internet Explorer
  2. add record to your %systemroot%system32driversetchosts file

Both ways will stop Live Messenger from downloading advertisement. I don’t know if these ways are legal, but we’re not touching Live Messenger, not disassembling it or doing anything specifically prohibited.

As always, there’s a patch (apatch), but as it modifies Live Messenger dlls, it certainly breaches the EULA.

The same approach can be used for blocking ads in all kinds of messengers – you just need to find out which host adds are served from and if your messenger uses IE settings, add it to restricted zone list, or to the hosts file with address.



ExtJS Core 3.0 RC1 is released!

Posted in javascript by sharovatov on 16 April 2009

Wow, new version of ExtJS is now RC1!

It’s weird that the official ExtJS blog has no information about RC1 release – the most recent post is about 3.0 Beta – that’s strange!

Since demo links are still not shown on the main project page, here’s the basic list:

  1. Ext.Direct
  2. Charts
  3. Writer
  4. Spinner
  5. Feed Viewer
  6. Editor grid
  7. Resizable Examples

Hope it’s going to be released soon!