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Various IE8 Accelerators – thepiratebay,, pagerank, alexa

Posted in IE8 by sharovatov on 24 April 2009

I recently updated to Internet Explorer 8, and it just rocks! One of the new shiny features that’s been added to IE8 is Web Accelerators. I’ve just written some to make my life easier a bit. Hope you find them handy.

Search category:

  1. Search on thepiratebay – just select any text on the page, wait for Accelerators icon, and click “Search on ThePirateBay” and it wil open you a new tab with search results

SEO category:

  1. Check Google Pagerank of the page by its link – just right-click on any link, go to Accelerators, hover on “Check pagerank” and you’ll get it’s pagerank directly fetched from google.
  2. Check Alexa rating of the page by its link – the same instructions – right click on a link, go to Accelerators, hover on “Check Alexa rating” and you’ll see this page’s Alexa rating in a preview window.
  3. Check Alexa+pagerank – a little bit more useful Accelerator which combines both alexa and pagerank checks in one accelerator, but is hosted on my server – and again it shows Alexa rating and Google Pagerank on the preview screen.


  1. PHP manual for selected property – just select a function name on the page, wait for the Accelerators icon to appear, click on “Search definition on” and you’ll get a page with manual loaded for this function
  2. Validate a page – right click on any link to get the context menu, go to Accelerators and select “Validate a page” and you’ll get validator checking this link!

Remember, Accelerators work only in IE8, and clicking on these links in other browsers will just show the XML source of accelerators :)

It took me really half an hour to grasp the manual and write these six accelerators – thanks Microsoft for such an easy and productive platform.

Some useful links:

  2. IE Accelerators Gallery
  3. How to write an IE8 Accelerator for your website
  4. Creating custom accelerators

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