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Silverlight Smooth Streaming and Akamai

Posted in http by sharovatov on 29 April 2009

Just noticed that the which I mentioned in my previous post serves media from AKAMAI CDN servers! Also found that AKAMAI has a contract with Microsoft to deliver Smooth Streaming content – and that’s just great. It means that if you have webcasts or any other video you want to deliver to the maximum audience with any bandwidth and CPUs, Akamai and Silverlight Smooth Streaming would be an ideal solution – you won’t even need to host video files on your servers! Or you can start with streaming from your own server and later if required you can always seamlessly switch to Akamai.

And here’re some nice videos from MIX09 (about silverlight) that I’ve found today:

As soon as I get my IIS7, I’ll definitely try streaming something :)

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