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Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets

Posted in browsers, IE8, javascript, widgets by sharovatov on 14 May 2009

I’ve been playing with Windows 7 Desktop Gadget technology and I must tell you – I just love it! And I’ll tell you why :)


The approach of putting web-application right on a desktop was invented by Microsoft in 1994-95 (in Windows Nashville which was intended to be released in 1996) and was a part of Windows Desktop Update for Windows 95 and a core of Windows 98 Active Desktop. You could set an HTML page (plus JS, of course) as your desktop background and it would be run in IE. Microsoft even had a gallery of Active Desktop widgets. So web-widgets-like functionality was around almost twelve years ago. As with many other Microsoft inventions, it was way too ahead of time.

Another technology that played a role in inventing desktop gadgets is HTA – short HTML applications that run in a standalone way. You had to put your scripts (VBScript or JScript) and styles in a single HTML file, add a special description and rename the file extension to .hta. Here’s a sample code:

<title>HTA Test</title>

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">
//some javascript code


<!-- some html -->


You could access all ActiveX objects that your system provided – Scripting.FileSystemObject, UserAccounts, WMI etc. – basically everything that was supported in WSH and Script Runtime. If you were using classic ASP on the server, you could switch to writing HTAs with zero effort – language and all the objects would be the same. While any web-development IDEs could be used, there even was a special IDE for building HTAs – HTAEDIT.

So Microsoft had two nice technologies that weren’t actively used – Active Desktop as a way to integrate web-application with desktop and HTA as a core for writing standalone client-side web applications. Both technologies combined both to create Microsoft Desktop Gadgets – small standalone client-side web applications that run as dockable widgets on your desktop – pure HTML,CSS and JS packed with manifest file in an archive.


If you double-click on this archive, gadget will get installed and can be moved to any place of your desktop. IE8 core is used to run them, so you get full support for CSS2.1, great level of javascript and other IE8 goodness.

The gadgets concept was introduced In Windows Vista – but gadgets had to be positioned inside a special sidebar area – which is not very flexible. In Windows 7 you can put your gadgets wherever you want them to be.

Here’s a screenshot how gadgets look like on my desktop:


Gadgets are especially useful when you have a widescreen monitor or two monitors configuration so that you’ve got much horizontal space, but even if you’ve got a normal monitor as gadgets can be freely positioned, you will find them useful.

I use Twitter, weather (standard), network traffic and cpu meter gadgets.

Awesome technology! I’m planning to build couple of my own gadgets and will definitely prepare a blog post on this :)

Update: It looks like Windows Mobile 6.5 will have support for similar gadgets functionality!

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  4. Ali BaderEddin said, on 6 June 2010 at 9:15 pm

    Nice into on gadgets. Thanks for sharing.

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