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Posted in personal by sharovatov on 25 May 2009

This week seems to be really interesting! At least it started so.

First of all, I’m starting a slight redesign + complete rebuild of CSS/HTML of our company website. I finally got time to make the HTML semantic and craft a proper CSS/JS. It will be fully cross-browser (trident, gecko, webkit and presto – all implementations with significant market share) and usable. You’ll see.

Tomorrow I’m attending OSPConf about ITIL and other interesting stuff, will create a separate blog post about this.

I’ve also started a couple of hobby projects that I don’t want to publish at the moment, but hopefully will finish them by the end of June. Fogbugz and beanstalk work fine, it’s really great that it’s online, I can switch from work PC to my laptop and just continue working.

Being a fan of all computerised stuff, I was thinking of getting an iRobot Roomba – nice vacuum cleaner robot. It’s going to be of a great help, but again I’m surprised by price difference – in USA roomba 530 costs $300, and in Saint Petersburg – $600. Sorry guys, 100% margin is too much.

I’m getting more and more news about widgets and gadgets, seems that HTML/CSS/JS will be a truly cross-platform environment for building web-service oriented software. In one of the future blog posts I’ll cover this in more detail.

I purchased custom CSS for my blog, so will have to devote an hour or two to modify journalist theme (the one my blog’s currently using) and make it look cleaner. It looks fine on netfront on my PSP, but could look better on S60 webkit.

Blogging gets more and more interesting! Damn, I’ve got 11 unfinished reasonably small blog posts (less than 10 Kbytes) and 4 quite big (more than 50 Kbytes). I should do my time-management better.

Hope things keep being that interesting! :) Have a good week, world!


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