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Another interesting week :)

Posted in personal by sharovatov on 24 June 2009

First of all, I started attending Muay Thai group here in Moscow. Three days a week, 2.5 hours each training. Found that 6 months boxing practice that I had several years ago gave me decent double jab, which is great. And it was also a surprise that I was able to survive the first warm-up – obviously, regular jogging and weights lifting did their job :)

I also took a two-week vacation to have proper rest and take time on sightseeing – still haven’t visited anything in Moscow which is a shame. Hope to spend this time productively and also finish all my hobby projects.

During the last weeks I noticed how many people in Twitter and around the world were interested in Iran elections. Once I spent enough time studying colour revolutions theory, which is a clever (and well-practiced) way to divide and rule principle that’s been working for ages. There’s enough information on the internet about this (you can start reading here or here). I really hope that all those people with green avatars in Twitter care to read a little bit about what the background is. The whole situation reminds me of how world went crazy about Tibet in 2008, but nobody cares about Tibet now :) And I’m pretty sure that there will be some protests against 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Well, we’ll see.

Another interesting discussion I noticed on Twitter is about Outlook 2010 using Word engine to render and compose emails. shows us an interesting comparison screenshot of the same webpage displayed in Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2010. Yes, it’s a webpage, not an email. Would you spend hours on creating such email? I doubt. The only use case that I can see for such multimedia-intense email is for newsletters. So yes, Outlook 2010 will use the Word engine just as Outlook 2007 does – to create and edit emails. I’d love to be able to limit my emails styling to HTML4.1 and CSS 1. I don’t want javascript, flash, silverlight or anything else working in my email client. I simply want to read emails. Plain HTML plus some basic CSS would perfectly do for nearly any type of conversation. But of course, that’s my personal attitude.

There’s a couple links on the topic:

  • has a good FAQ and explains why Microsoft took the decision to use Word engine in Outlook 2007
  • gives a good review of HTML support  in different email clients and provides guidelines for creating good HTML email that will be displayed similarly everywhere

I also started exploring place where I live – found a river with ducks and ducklings and obviously fish (as there were two fishermen sitting fishing).

Here’re some photoes:

04062009384 04062009390 04062009403 04062009411


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