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HTTPBis group is awesome!

Posted in Firefox, http, IE8, web-development by sharovatov on 21 October 2009

I’m finally back to blog. Finally started finding time between doing stuff at home, working at my great place of work and studying English :)

As you know, HTTP/1.1 spec said that conforming clients SHOULD NOT open more than 2 concurrent connections to one host. This was defined back in 1997 and at that time it seemed reasonable to have 2 simultaneous connections for a client, and noting that HTTP/1.1 introduced persistent connections concept, people thought that 2 simultaneously opened reusable TCP/IP connections would be enough for general use.

However, everything changes. Broadband internet came to mass market and people started thinking that better parallel download could benefit the whole website or a webapp perfomance. The history started with IE5.01, which was opening two connections by default, but there was a way to configure the number. So if you had a really good internet connection, you could make websites load significantly faster.

By the time IE8 development started, broadband connections became a standard for home internet, so IE8 started opening 6 connections (if the bandwidth allowed – on the dialup or behind a proxy it will still open 2). So IE8 engineers did a smart move and introduced the world with a browser that seemed to load sites faster.

Needless to say, Firefox 3 decided to change the value as well, so now Firefox 3 has 6 as a default value for network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server configuration setting. Good for Mozilla for copying stuff from IE again!

And now HTTPBis team (Julian Reschke) commits the change which states that in the forthcoming HTTP standard the maximum amount of concurrent requests is not limited even with “SHOULD NOT” clause :)

Thanks HTTPBis team!


designMode and Firefox

Posted in browsers, Firefox, javascript, wysiwyg by sharovatov on 13 April 2009

Another weird bug reported back in 2004 and unfortunately still not resolved – bug 232791, marked as a dup for bug 474255 (testcase here – if you click on the editable window, neither delete nor backspace button works, and if you add a character, it springs back to life). When you work with wysiwyg editor in Firefox (MIDAS), and programmatically add a text node to the end of the editable document, Firefox creates a dumb BR node of type _moz with _moz_editor_bogus_node attribute.

Yuh-Ruey Chen proposed a workaround – you set designMode to off and then back to on and it works, and this approach is used in YUI library (see ticket 1946017).

The weird thing I noticed now in FF 3.0.8 is that while the bug is still not fixed, the bogus BR node is not visible through Firebug for some reason! And that’s strange – node’s invisible, but still there.

However, workaround still works so nothing to worry about, just interesting.

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