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Finally found a decent forum engine — BBPress

Posted in forum by sharovatov on 18 April 2009

I’ve been trying to find a normal forum engine for almost three months. I had experience with PHPBB, IPB, miniBB etc. The quality of code, architecture, js and CSS was so LOW, that I still don’t understand how they dare to sell IPB.

But now I found what I was looking for – BBPress – forum engine from the creators of WordPress. It’s free, small, fast, nice, and has easy-to-follow coding. And what a pleasure it is to craft a theme for it! They use plain PHP as a template engine, so it takes you an evening to create your own theme! And it’s easily to integrate BBPress with your wordpress blog, plus it’s got Akismet plugin that you just activate with your WordPress API key and get it working within minutes. And of course, it supports feeds. Awesome!

It also has nice wordpress-like admin interface, but the best thing is that there’s loads of plugins and you can easily create your own!

I would highly recommend trying bbPress for anyone who runs a forum – I bet you’ll like it!

Can’t wait to see what’s 1.0 version will look like!

Thanks, WordPress team!

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